Epigenetics, Methylation Mental Health & Preconception Planning w/ Bill Walsh, PhD

Bill Walsh, PhD discusses new insights about methylation, epigenetics and preconception planning.

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04:26 During gestation, methylation attaches to parts of our DNA to determine and regulate what our genes do.
05:33 Each part of your body requires different ingredients/chemicals, yet your DNA is identical.
06:44 Methylation and methylation cycles determine what chemicals are being produced by your DNA. Epigenetics dictates the rate of production.
08:24 Seventy percent of Americans have normal methylation. Twenty-two percent are under-methylated and 8 percent are over-methylated.
08:55 If you are over-methylated, too many of your genes have a methylation bookmark. It enhances gene expression.
09:11 If you are under-methylated, you will not have as much methylation for gene expression.
10:50 Dr. Walsh found that over 95% of autistic children/people are under-methylated.
13:19 If you have homozygous MTHFR 677T, methylfolate is helpful for 90% of us with the mutations.
15:03 Methylation status can be reflected in the SAM-e/SAH ratio.
17:26 Test results of the SAM-e/SAH ratio, should be ignored if the SAH level is below 40%.
21:00 Histamine is metabolized/destroyed by methylation.
23:29 More than half of us with schizophrenia and 60% of us with panic disorders, are part of the 8 percent of our population who are over-methylated.
24:46 The median/normal homocysteine in the US is 12. Between 6 and 9 is a healthy range.
28:57 More people who have significant brain/mental problems are under-methylated, compared to 20 years ago.
30:07 Test genetics before becoming pregnant. Most birth defects, including autism, happen in the first 20 days after conception.
31:44 Having too much or too few important epigenetic factors, can do harm.
32:36 At least 7 most common nutrients imbalanced in mental illness have been identified.
38:30 Genetic mutations take place over hundreds or thousands of years.
40:06 We each have about 100,000 mutations.
41:28 We have the ability to change gene regulation with nutrients and with drugs.
42:40 Psychiatric meds will always have side effects and they will never normalize the brain.
49:39 Almost all cancers are epigenetic, as is most heart disease.
50:35 Writing, reading, deletion and making a protein are the major factors in epigenetics.
51:05 Most cancers involve the loss of a cancer protection gene. It varies from cell line to cell line. Cancer genes can be fixed/made normal, but the side effect profile is profound and the effects extensive.
52:00 Transcription factors sense a part of your DNA that can make a protein and they bring all of the pieces so the protein can be manufactured.
52:40 Bromodomain and chromodomain therapies can be used to change specific genes, gene expression, in a particular tissue.
53:07 MicroRNA therapies are in phase 1, 2 and 3 testing.
57:51 One mechanism explains the mysteries of bi-polar disorder and will be disclosed shortly.
01:00:19 Omega 3 fatty acids are more effective in helping bi-polar people than the drugs.
01:00:49 In the brain, 4 fatty acids dominate. They are DHA, EPA (omega-3), DGLA and arachidonic acid (omega-6).
01:03:11 Under-methylated people thrive on a protein based diet. People who are over-methylated thrive on a vegetarian diet.
01:05:47 Glial cells deliver nourishment to your 80 billion brain cells every day.
01:06:48 Glial cells are involved in brain scaffolding and plasticity. They sense when a neuron fires and moves the neurons closer together during learning.
01:09:26 Ageing is the deterioration of our DNA.
01:10:04 Dr. Walsh’s elevator pitch is for the government to stop killing off critical NIH research.
01:13:15 Schizophrenia is a name given to several completely different diseases. Depression can be one of 5 different disorders.
01:13:14 The number one reason that people decline mentally is from a zinc deficiency.

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