Carnivore Diet: Mastering Your Mindset – How to Make Your First 10 Days Successful

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The quick version of this is: Mindset is super important when making any lifestyle change- whether it’s cleaning out the garage or revamping your diet!
The three best ways to do this are set smaller realistic goals, and don’t go telling the whole world about them.
Second, focus on progress, not perfection! If you hear negative self talk in your head, override it with 3 positive changes that you’ve made!.
Last, choose other things to let slide while you focus on this carnivore goal. Laundry, house projects, exercise… you get a free pass as long as you’re eating your meat! 🙂

3 aspects of goal setting

set small attainable goals to get your mind in the process of expecting to complete goals
don’t tell anyone about your goals
Give yourself non-food rewards as often as needed

Progress not perfection

You may be known as being creative, or going above and beyond.. there’s always a feeling of ‘I could do it better’. Done is better than Perfect. For this class, make the recipes as we make them! Now is not the time to experiment with new cooking techniques, elaborate exercise programs, or magically tidying up your house at the same time. You’re not doing ‘a whole new you’, you’re sticking with carnivore over the next 10 days.

Choose what you’re going to fail at
Anything that takes extra effort
We’re working to get ‘eating on plan’ into the ‘habits’ part of our brain, and it takes extra effort, even as simple as it i!

Starting is better than researching, we are not reinventing the wheel right now
Remember, you want progress, not perfection. If you’re tempted to go buy a pint of ice cream, have a spoonful of honey instead. If you’re tempted to go get a fast food burger and fries, get 2 bacon patties with cheese and bacon instead!
It’s totally okay if you binge watch an entire 7 seasons of a show on netflix during these 10 days… as long as you’re eating meat, you get a pass for doing anything else productive 🙂
You’re doing great!

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