Carnivore Diet: I tried raw beef! Quick update

Quick update! Today I tried raw beef! I was surprised how mellow it was, it was completely underwhelming but will be a great ‘fast food’ this summer! I’m stoked that I can add this to my diet!

I used grassfed organic steaks from ButcherBox, I’m not sure I would eat raw meat from most grocery stores due to quality issues.

Second, I finished the 30-Day Carnivore Meal Plan! It has recipes (none of which are raw beef) for cooking animal products. You can download a free sample on the meal plan page. It comes both in printable versions and on kindle, the Kindle formatting isn’t really useful as far as meal plans go, but if you just want to scroll through the recipes it’s cheap!

Last! I’m giving up coffee for June! Join me on a Carnivore No Java June if you wish!

Butcher Box Beef (what I ate raw!):

30-Day Carnivore Meal Plan:

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