Carnivore Diet: 2 Month Update (Exercise, Skin, Pelvic Floor)

Finally got around to editing my video updating you after starting the Carnivore Diet 2 months ago! Again, super happy with the progress! I did go off for a few days for my kids’ spring break, and I am much happier on the carnivore diet than not. Below are timestamps of topics we covered.

Tl;dl 0:14 – quick recap for those who don’t want to watch the whole video
1:24 Salt needs went way down after 30 days.
4:20 Skin – I’m not getting ingrown hairs, which I had pretty much my whole life.
5:43 Sleep is still great then I go into why I went off for a week and how that went
7:19 going back on carnivore, why I’m continuing
8:53 bloated
9:13 plans to stay on carnivore, goals to go meat-only and quit coffee (I’m doing No Java June!)
10:11 if you need someone who’s 100% never messes up I’m not your girl – I’m not one of those people who sticks to a protocol 100% of the time or even pretends to. I am honest about what happened when I go off the protocol I’m trying.
11:24 I got sick, took a multi vitamin and lemon
12:13 off supplements that I was taking for mental health
13:24 women-related health – exercise and muscle building
14:52 I don’t need cbd for muscle soreness after working hard
15:15 push-up progress
16:25 pelvic floor

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