Building Muscle @ 69 Years Old | Weight Lifting w/ Homi Shivaie

Homi Shivaie, who’s turning 70 year’s old, is a long-time coach and powerlifter–he has several clients over the age of 80 years old! Learn why he advocates squats, deadlifts and hip-hinges for folks of all ages. (Normally we hear the opposite, “don’t load your spine…squatting is bad for your back.” etc.. but he’ll share why learning to brace via powerlifting.)

He explains why hinging from the hips, leg and back strength is important for everyone–especially as we age!

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03:28 If you can walk, you can do a squat and deadlift. Deadlift and squats have no age limit.
05:44 Your stomach is the most important part of the deadlift.
07:50 Powerlifting warmup in a powerlifting gym is pushing and pulling.
10:49 Most of us do not know how to breathe through a lift.
11:48 Homi encourages both sumo and Romanian deadlifts.
12:49 Double overhand vs alternating grip
14:21 Homi has been working with a man with Down syndrome who is now a 9 time world champion for age and weight.
20:13 Powerlifting requires you to push yourself to the limit.
22:10 Homi’s 40 and over clients do no more than 5 sets of 5 reps. High reps damage older joints.
23:54 If you can squat, bench and deadlift, you can do whatever you want in the gym without getting hurt.
26:13 Good Morning is taught before the squat. Next are box squats.
30:37 Learn to bend over without locking your knees or distressing your back.
31:43 The hip moves first in a squat.
33:01 Your nervous system is an integral part of lifting.
34:39 If you don’t see stars or be near passing out, you didn’t lift your maximum. Max out once a month.
35:17 Work with 5 sets of 5 reps. Conserve your energy for max effort.
39:58 Older lifters should do fewer reps with heavier weights.
40:39 For 72 hours after a heavy lift you receive the benefits.
42:38 Homi almost never does aerobics.
47:13 Nutrition is 90% of your fitness.
50:00 Homi’s clients track macros and calories, especially when trying to lose weight.
52:55 Powders are not a real food and do not work unless you powerlift and juice.
54:39 Homi doubts that keto is sustainable.
55:50 Homi eats an average of 10 eggs a day for protein.
57:19 Steroids have a fantastic effect when done intelligently for a period of time. Homi warns that men 25 and younger not to use steroids.
01:05:02 Use a certified powerlifter coach. Do no more than 1 or 2 competitions per year.
01:09:05 Homi’s desert island food is eggs. It is fundamental. If you eat eggs, you have everything.
01:09:04 Homi’s elevator pitch to a politician is to put the highest tax on sugar.
01:10:24 Homi’s workout drink is green tea with some sort of fruit and creatine.

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