BIG Vegan Makeup Haul Unboxing & Trying Subscription Boxes

It’s been a full year since I last did a makeup unboxing and 7 months since I unboxed bath and beauty products, so I am definitely overdue! I had a blast checking out everything in the brand new Fall Makeup Box from Vegancuts — and I felt so confident in my demo that I also cracked open the Spring Makeup Box that had somehow gotten lost in the shuffle. There were lots of great cruelty free and vegan friendly products in these 2 collections, so now I am excited to see what will be in the Winter Makeup Box, as well!


100% Vegan, Cruelty Free & Non-Toxic
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Easy To Manage Subscription Renewals

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100% Pure, RMS Beauty, La Beaute Soi, Aesthetica, Pacifica, Real Her, Iconic Beauty, and You & Oil

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This video is not sponsored, as in made-for-pay, but includea items given to me gratis for possible review purposes. If you use my promocode, I will make an affiliate fee in return. In general, however, I make videos featuring vegan products for the joy of sharing vegan friendly items with my viewers.

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