Beginner Outdoor Propane Grilling

Outdoor grilling is easier than you may imagine, but there are a few components that you’ll want to keep in mind. First, preheat your grill well. The thermometer on the lid shows the temperature *there* but is a good indicator of whether the grill is hot enough or not (the grates will be much hotter). Second, know your grill and your hotspots. Mine are right in the middle/front, so I know I really have to watch and move any meat I put there. Third, set your timer! It’s so easy to forget about meat that’s under the hood, and you don’t have your smoke detector to tell you it’s ‘ready’ 😉 Fourth, clean your grill after cooking, and then again after pre-heating. Pre-heating really makes it easy to get the last bit off to start with a clean surface. Last:Double check that your grill is off, and turn it off at the propane tank too for added security.

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The grill I use:
Grill cover to keep dust out:
Wire brush for cleaning:
Cast iron pan for frying bacon, eggs, ground beef, etc:

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