7 Healthy LIFE CHANGING Habits to Start in 2020! Kick of a Healthy Lifestyle in 2020

7 Super EASY Healthy Habits to Start in 2020! Kick of a Healthy Lifestyle in 2020 on the right foot. These 7 healthy habits of 2020 will help you successfully attack this new year, this new decade with the healthiest lifestyle tips. These are potent lifestyle hacks that will literally change your life – from improving the quality of your sleep, addressing burn out and fatigue to improving the health of your skin and that will address your stress levels.

Join Dr. Melissa LIVE as she highlights 7 easy ways to you to kick off a healthy lifestyle.

The EASIEST Healthy Habits of 2020
1. Hydration – increase your hydration levels. Drink daily – kicking off the an with a large bottle of water.
Water filtration is key – drinking lots of clean, chemical free water is crucial
My fave water filters:
Berkey Water Filters for home/travel: http://bit.ly/2KwJIN9
Go Pure Pod (shown on video) http://bit.ly/2rpGvZE

2. Increase daily B Vitamins
My fave is: Liposomal B: http://bit.ly/2ssQvlf

3. Magnesium
Powders: https://amzn.to/2SXqSUi
Salt Soaks https://amzn.to/2SQ5QqP
Liquid Spray Magnesium Oil https://amzn.to/35k3Tpi
Foods Mg Sources: Almonds, Sesame Seeds, Cashews

4. Manage Insulin Resistance
Liquid Minerals http://bit.ly/386Dcai
Nuts/Seeds (brazil nuts especially)
Chromium & Selenium
Digest Gold + Probioitics http://bit.ly/2tf4oTX

5. Stress Management
Meditation is the best for stress
Addressing Adrenal Health Imbalances

If you want to test your adrenal hormone levels you can: http://bit.ly/2m7yBRx

6. Better, Longer Deeper Sleep
Got to bed 15 min early, wake up 15 later
Address liver toxicity (especially is waking between 1-3am)
Drink Dandelion tea
Take Vitamin D daily
Address neurotransmitters

If you want to get a vitamin D test grab it here: http://bit.ly/348tpgq
If you want to test your neurotransmitters: http://bit.ly/2QoCGxa

7. Gratitude
The Five Minute Journal https://amzn.to/37wIXgb


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