Treatments for Male Pattern Baldness | Thinning Hair

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There are several effective treatments for male pattern baldness out there. Some of these are used to primarily stop the progressive nature of hair loss. On a best case scenario, sometimes we get some regrowth or reversal of the miniaturization of hairs. But the most significant thing you can do is to start early. Early intervention is the key.

You can start that with topical preparations such as minoxidil, which can be applied twice daily for both men and women, oral medication with finasteride or commonly known as Propecia, which is a one milligram tablet that you take once a day.

Then there’s also laser therapy, which comes in the various forms. It’s low-level light therapy, so it’s a cool laser. It doesn’t burn or have really any potential side effects. And what you do with that is you can use it in a form of a cone, it could be used in a form of a laser cap, as well as a clinical laser that you can go to your doctor’s office to use for treatment. And that’s treated every other day for about 20 to 30 minutes at a time.

Finally, the only permanent solution is hair restoration surgery. Today’s hair transplants are extremely natural. I’m sure many of you know people that have had transplants, and you actually just don’t know that they’ve had it done, because it looks so natural.

Source: Treatments for Male Pattern Baldness | Thinning Hair

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