Treating Diffuse Hair Loss in Men – Why Transplants Can’t be Done, and Better Treatment than PRP

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A 26-year-old male with diffuse hair loss says the dermatologist he saw said he is not a candidate for a hair transplant, so she suggested platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment for him. He asks if PRP is the right treatment for him, and if there are any side effects. He also states he does not want to use Propecia (finasteride) or minoxidil (Rogaine) due to possible side effects. He also asks if he has telogen effluvium.

New York hair restoration specialist Amiya Prasad, MD reviews this man’s questions and photos in this video, and agrees that a hair transplant is not right for his age, and discusses treatment options right for his age and for diffuse hair loss:

1:50 – Dr. Prasad’s experience with hair transplants, and his founding of treatment centers using a non-surgical hair loss solution he discovered that includes PRP as part of the formulation
2:25 – Dr. Prasad’s promotion and use of PRP for other cosmetic treatments outside of hair loss treatment
3:05 – Why he likely has male pattern hair loss apparent in his pictures, and telogen effluvium is a cause of temporary hair loss, and grows back after a period of stress
3:50 – Why refusal to take finasteride (Propecia) from the equation removes a male pattern hair loss treatment that works in 60% of men
4:20 – How Dr. Prasad first used PRP and extracellular matrix to help maximize hair transplant healing and graft survival, and heal the donor area that’s the source of hair grafts, but the side effect was thinning hair became thicker
4:55 – How Dr. Prasad developed a system and process using platelet-rich plasma and extracellular matrix to replace the need for hair transplants for people with thinning hair
5:21 – Examples of how the Hair Regeneration treatment has stopped hair loss progression in patients by thickening their thinning hair, and reactivate the growth process in hair that stopped growing
5:35 – How Hair Regeneration fills a void between limited treatments like pills (finasteride), minoxidil, and PRP injections, and surgical hair transplantation that doesn’t stop more hair from being lost
5:56 – Why Dr. Prasad agrees with his dermatologist that a hair transplant in diffuse hair loss will cause trauma that leads to loss of adjacent native hair
6:09 – Why a young man in his 20s with hair loss progression will lose more hair than can be transplanted from the limited donor area
6:24 – Examples of the Hair Regeneration treatment on young men from around the world
6:52 – Why PRP alone may stimulate short-term hair growth, but does not stop hair loss progression
7:02 – How Hair Regeneration has proved in many patients over the years that it can stop hair loss, and regrow hair that is salvageable
7:18 – The limits of Hair Regeneration not being able to bring back hair in bald-smooth areas present for more than 5 years, and why the earlier treatment is done, the better the results
7:43 – How more than 99% of male patients, and over 90% of female patients with hair thinning have had Hair Regeneration work for them

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Source: Treating Diffuse Hair Loss in Men – Why Transplants Can’t be Done, and Better Treatment than PRP

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