Rogaine Results – Rogaine Four Month Results

Rogaine works best when applied twice a day everyday for 48 weeks. Faithfully following this routine will lead to the most significant Rogaine results. If you are using this topical cream it is best that you never forget to apply Rogaine to ensure continuous hair regrowth.

Rogaine results will vary from person to person, depending on how Rogaine interacts with your hair follicles. To learn more about Rogaine results just read this article. In this article we will cover the entire cycle of the Rogaine application process. This will ensure easy tracking of what should be happening at certain periods of the hair regrowth process. This cycle starts from the first day of application to the end of the fourth month.

From the first to the third day of application, no remarkable Rogaine results are seen. This is normal as hair takes time to grow, but Rogaine has already started working since the first day.

The first two weeks will give you results characterized by increased hair shedding. Do not worry because this just means the Rogaine solution is starting to take effect. During this time, weaker hair strands fall out and are replaced by new and fuller hair strands. This will not last long.

On the third week, the shedding will stop, but you will not notice any hair regrowth yet. The amount of hair falling out will decrease until the eighth week.

By week 12, there may not be very visible hair regrowth. Hair takes a long time to actually grow, this is just normal.

The sixteenth week shows the earliest signs of Rogaine results. New stands of hair should show by this time.

The results for week 32 should show fuller and thicker hair. Hair regrowth is already very much visible during this time. However, if, still, at week 16, you don’t see any Rogaine results, you may need to consult a doctor as this should not be the case.

By the 48th week or the end of the fourth month, favorable Rogaine results should be seen. If not, check with your doctor immediately.

Rogaine Results – Rogaine Four Month Results by Jeremy Rupke

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