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Welcome to the Endhairloss.eu video presentation.

My name is Giampaolo Floris, I am an Italian hair loss researcher, and the founder of this web site.

Today I have very good news for you and the health of your hair.

Years ago I was suffering from a severe type of hair loss, and after an extensive research that lasted 3 years, I discovered a natural method that enabled me to stop my hair loss permanently in less than 2 months.

It’s been exactly 21 years that my hair has stopped falling out, and since 2009 I have decided to help people from all over the world stop hair loss with the same treatment that I used myself.

Let me tell you a few data about my findings.

One of the aspects of hair loss that mostly attracted my attention, when I started to research in this field, was the fact that nobody loses hair on top of the neck and ears, not even when we age, as you can see in this video of these elderly men.

In those areas our hair remains healthy and immune to the 3 main enemies of the health of our hair.
These factors, recognized as the 3 main causes of hair loss by the majority of the researchers and scientists, are:

• The decrease of the micro blood circulation to the hair roots;

• The male hormone DHT, which attacks and destroys the hair follicles and

• Scalp conditions like dermatitis, seborrhea, skin irritations, excessively oily or dry hair.
In those zones our hair stays healthy and doesn’t fall out, even in presence of cutaneous irritations.

I asked myself “Why the hair in those areas of the scalp remains so strong and immune to these 3 factors, while it has a tendency to fall out in the upper part of the head?”
I analyzed the structure of the hair, taken from different parts of the scalp, but I found out that there was no difference in their composition.

The hair structure is actually the same all over the scalp.

The difference, as I discovered later, is in the condition of the several areas of the scalp.

Analyzing the structure of the scalp and the head anatomy of thousands of people from all
over the world, I found the answer to this question, and the solution to this problem.

Let me explain better.

Look at this man chewing gum (see the video )

Notice how the area over the neck and ears, moves in perfect synchrony with the movements of the muscles of the mouth, the jaw and the temples, and the chewing occurs through the coordinated action of these different muscle groups.

In this video you can clearly see the contractions and the motion that the muscles used in this action, give to the tissues over the ears and neck.

Thanks to the continuous and coordinated action of these muscles, those areas of the scalp benefit from a constant flow of oxygenated blood.

When we eat, chew or speak, these muscles work continuously, ensuring a constant flow of blood to the tight network of capillaries that lies below the scalp surface and that transport blood to the follicles.

This single key factor contributes to maintain the hair follicles healthy and strong.

Blood flow brings the cells all the nutritive elements, like vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids that the hair roots need to be healthy and grow new hair.

Not many know that a good blood circulation also prevents the formation of an excessive amount of DHT, the male hormone that attacks the hair follicles.

In fact, I have discovered that in the areas of the scalp with a very high blood oxygenation, testosterone doesn’t easily convert into DHT, and hair stays healthy, regardless of the age.

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