Is Hair Loss Reversible?

I think it’s safe to say that no one wants to lose their hair. Yes, there are some people who are much more comfortable with the idea of going bald, but for others, it can be a downright emotional roller coaster! So, it is no surprise that when balding begins to occur we ask is hair loss reversible? Well, before we can determine if in fact hair loss is reversible, we have to understand the things that cause this loss of hair in the first place.

The main causes of losing hair stem from:

· Circulation issues

· Genetics

· Nutritional factors

Although, all of these factors contribute to baldness in different ways, they all share one common denominator. All of them are leading to a nutrient starved hair follicle, which in itself will cause damaged hair and its inevitable loss.

Causes of Male Hair Loss:

There are several issues that lead to men losing their hair, and if you are going to get the answer to your question, “is hair loss reversible?” it is extremely helpful if you know exactly what type of problem you are suffering from that is making you lose your hair. There are several types of illnesses, trauma, and even surgeries that can result in the loss of hair. This can occur because your body’s normal functions get interrupted because of some sort of intense stress you have been through. Fungal infections and other types of diseases can also result in losing hair, no matter how old you are. If you think that you are losing your hair because of any of these issues mentioned above, you should contact your doctor.

Losing one’s hair can also be a side effect of certain medications or changes in hormone levels; however, the most commonly known cause of balding in men is genetics and DHP buildup. And, while it was previously thought that genetics were the main cause of losing hair, it has been discovered by experts, that genetics are actually not the main issue at hand. Extensive research has discovered that DHT buildup, more commonly known as dihydrotestosterone, can cause a block between nutrients and your hair follicles, thus, preventing new growth.

Causes of Female Hair Loss:

Loss of hair in females has a somewhat different cause than men’s balding issues. This is due to the fact that women don’t have anywhere near the amount of testosterone production that men do. This means that DHT buildup is not as big of a concern for female hair loss. However, it can be combined with the rest of the causes that contribute to a woman’s loss of hair.

Loss of hair in females can be attributed to a hormonal imbalance. Women go through many periods (no pun intended) in their lives, when there hormones change dramatically, like puberty, periods, pregnancy, menopause, and post menopause. And, all of these hormonal changes can have a great impact on the density and composition of your hair.

Other, less common, female hair loss symptoms can occur from prescription drugs, poor circulation, stress, surgery, environmental pollutants, chemicals from dying your hair, diseases, cosmetic procedures, and malnourishment.

However, in general, it is definitely possible to prevent, stop, and even reverse the loss of hair for both men and women. Yes, your question of “is hair loss reversible” has finally been answered! Yes, hair loss is reversible.

What Causes DHT Buildup?

DHT buildup is caused by a powerful hormone that has been shown to trigger the loss of hair known as Androgenetic Alopecia. This is a condition that effects those people who have been predisposed by genetics to lose their hair; it causes a buildup of DHT which has been known to dwarf hair follicles, which results in a regression in your scalp into a vellus state, that can render your hair as non-existent.

For many people, losing their hair because of a DHP buildup is not simply an issue of vanity; it is actually a condition that can be devastating psychologically, as well as, uncomfortable physically. And, while there are many oral and topical medications that have been designed specifically to aid in re-growing hair, the results are far from fool proof and can often be coupled with several unwanted and unexpected side effects.

However never fear, hair loss is reversible, and this reversal can be achieved naturally without the uncomfortable side effects that come from the medicated treatments. All you have to do is target that DHT buildup and you will be able to nip your balding problem in the bud.

Is Hair Loss Reversible? by Katy Anderson

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