How To Grow Thicker Facial Hair | Can You Stimulate Facial Hair Growth?

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In this video men’s style, grooming and fitness expert, aaron marino of, talks about how to grow thicker facial hair. Is it possible to increase the amount of facial hair you grow and trick mother nature? We talk about the reality about facial hair density and how to grow thicker facial hair.

Are you one of the millions of men who lack facial follicle formation? You may have sparse, patchy, or no facial hair. You’re pissed! Mother Nature has dealt you a ‘bum beard’ hand. You want to stimulate and get more density. You’re looking for designer stubble- not a ton but just enough! You have beard envy! Does this new trend of burly bastards pissing you off, rubbing it into your hairless face? Aaron Marino of alpha m. gets it and has been there! He used to be a patchy-mess. He discusses how to obtain the follicle density you desire.
Here’s some fuzzy faced tough-love: genetics are at it again. Your facial hair density is affected by genetics. Some kids get a full beard in the 6th grade where others get a hint of hair in 12th grade. As testosterone increases, it will start to happen if it’s going to happen.

Options to Growing Thicker Facial Hair
1. One of the more common options is Rogaine. It’s not on the directions of Rogaine, however. It won’t hurt you but it may hurt your wallet. It’s a treatment, so if you stop, the baby hairs will fall out.

2. If you have beard envy, so many men have the same desire. There are facial hair transplant procedures! You can have patchy areas implanted. Alpha thinks it’s insane, but it’s an option if you are fixated.

3.Testosterone (hormone therapy) is also an option. It encourages hair growth, but it has a lot of negative consequences.

Unfortunately, facial hair may never be in your future. If you can’t grow a beard, big deal. Don’t sweat it! Worry about other things. Be happy that you are happy and healthy and perfect the way you are.

Source: How To Grow Thicker Facial Hair | Can You Stimulate Facial Hair Growth?

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