Herbal Remedy for Hair Loss and Regrowth

Here we talk about each popular herbal remedy for hair loss and the other alternative herbal remedies for hair loss. Probably the most popular and effective natural hair loss treatment is saw palmetto. This is discussed in detail elsewhere on this site. Meanwhile, here are the ‘best of the rest’ herbal hair loss remedies.

Green Tea Herbal Remedy for Hair Loss

Published studies and clinical experience show that Green Tea extract can be an effective herbal hair loss treatment, preventing and treating male pattern baldness by keeping the body from making its usual amount of the hair loss causing hormone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Topical green tea extract is also excellent for reducing scalp irritation and inflammation. Green tea extract is an effective antioxidant and has a multitude of other possible health benefits, and so is highly recommended aside from just a herbal remedy for hair loss.

Grape Seed Extract

Grape Seed extract contains powerful antioxidants called proanthocyanidins which may have some benefit as a herbal hair loss treatment. Proanthocyanidins extracted from grape seeds exhibit growth-promoting activity toward murine hair epithelial cells in lab tests, and stimulate anagen (growth phase) induction in hair cycle progression.

Also, grape seed extract acts as a smooth muscle relaxant in blood vessels and micro capillaries, possibly preventing or offsetting damage to the hair follicle blood supply. A patent was issued in Japan for grape seed extract as a natural hair loss treatment. No other flavonoid compounds examined exhibit higher proliferative activities than the procyanidins found in grape seed extract.


Several recent studies have confirmed that extract of epilobium (willow-herb) has anti-inflammatory properties and effectively inhibits the action of 5 alpha-reductase (the enzyme that catalyzes conversion of testosterone to DHT). Included as a herbal hair loss treatment in several herbal remedies for hair loss.


Pygeum africanum is a herb derived from the bark of the African evergreen. Thought to inhibit 5-alpha-reductase, it’s widely used in Europe to prevent and treat prostate problems and as a herbal remedy for hair loss. It has also been speculated that pygeum extract works by interfering with the cell membrane binding sites DHT.

Ginkgo Biloba for Hair Loss

Ginkgo biloba extract appears to have vascular benefits that are likely to be beneficial as a natural hair loss treatment. Ginkgo biloba has been shown to protect small blood vessels and micro capillaries against loss of tone and fragility. Because the action of DHT causes inflammation of the follicle blood supply, a major factor in male pattern hair loss, ginkgo biloba may prove to be an effective hair loss remedy. Ginkgo biloba extract has also been shown to be a mild 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor.

Bilberry Extract

Age related breakdown of the micro capillary circulation around the hair follicles over time is an important factor in hair health deterioration. Bilberry extract has been shown to improve micro capillary circulation and strengthen collagen throughout the body. Bilberry extract is commonly taken as therapy for macular degeneration and may also prove effective as another herbal remedy for hair loss.

Nettle Root Natural Hair Loss Treatment

Research has shown that in har follicles, estrogen bound to SHBG can activate pathways normally considered androgen responsive. SHBG increases with age and with the presence of bound estrogen, and can act like an additional androgen receptor. Nettle Root extract inhibits estrogen binding to SHBG, thus is effective as a natural hair loss treatment.

Additionally, aromatase inhibitors have been studied closely and have shown promise in causing hair regrowth. At least six constituents of nettle root extract inhibit aromatase reducing the conversion of androgens to estrogens. One of the lesser known herbal remedies for hair loss.

Chinese Herbal Remedy for Hair Loss

Chinese medicine theory believes that your hair condition is an indication of your body’s energy systems. Weaknesses in a person’s kidney and liver energy tend to manifest into symptoms such as hair loss and premature gray hair. Such conditions can be corrected by replenishing the nutrients that are necessary to revitalize the energy in a person’s kidneys and liver.

  • He Shou Wu (polygoni muliflori) is a popular chinese herbal remedy for hair loss, although there is little (western) clinical evidence to explain its efficacy. He Shou Wu has long been used as a rejuvenating herb for the hair, as well as for overall energy, blood purifying, and to nourish the liver, kidney, teeth and skin. Shou-Wu literally means “a head full of black hair” in Chinese.
  • Bu Gu Zhi (fructus psoraleae) is reported to be an effective natural hair loss treatment in helping to re-grow hair. Han Lian Cao (eclipta prostrata) is used for the treatment of premature graying, not as a herbal remedy for hair loss.
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