Saw Palmetto and Testosterone: Potent DHT Blocker

In this video I discuss Saw Palmetto and testosterone.

I’ve seen people refer to Saw Palmetto and Testosterone boosting in a positive light. These people recommend you take it and I wholeheartedly disagree.

When reviewing Saw Palmetto and testosterone studies, you’ll see that it does in fact increase T, but it does so by blocking DHT production. Blocking DHT levels completely negates any benefits of boosting Testosterone, which makes these studies false positives.

What many people who speak on the benefits of Saw Palmetto fail to realize is that blocking DHT has many adverse effects, one being low sex drive. I’d encourage you to look at other ways to increase your testosterone naturally that won’t have any negative affects to your health.

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Source: Saw Palmetto and Testosterone: Potent DHT Blocker

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