Role of Finasteride in curing hair loss – Dr. K Prapanna Arya

Male pattern hair loss or androgenic alopecia is caused by the effects of dihydroxytestosterone on genetically susceptible hair follicles. These are the hair follicles present in the front, middle, and the top most areas of the scalp, that is the crown areas. Testosterone is converted into dihydroxytestosterone with the help of an enzyme called 5 alpha reductase. Finasteride blocks the production 5 alpha reductase and the conversion from testosterone into dihydroxytestosterone does not occur and effect of DHT on the hair follicles is nullified. 1 mg of Finasteride taken on a daily basis reduces the DHT levels of the scalp to about 70%. This DHT causes shrinkage or miniaturisation of the hair follicles. About 86% of the men who take Finasteride on a daily basis see hair growth and see reduction of hair loss. Although it is believed that Finasteride causes decrease in the level of testosterone levels, there has been an increase in serum Finasteride to upto about 9% which is permissible. Finasteride can be used at any age, but it is beneficial for younger patients. If Finasteride is discontinued, the benefits will be lost and the hair again starts to thin and you experience increased hair fall 4 -5 months after stopping treatment. To see maximum benefits, take the full course for one full year.

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Source: Role of Finasteride in curing hair loss – Dr. K Prapanna Arya

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