rogaine review 2 – Before & After

Sorry for the delay guys been flat out buying this other house and a range of other things!

3 Months Supply Rogaine Extra Strength 5%
6 Months Supply Rogaine Extra Strength 5%

This is a before and after of my rogaine video, i only realised today how much of a difference it was, bear in mind i’ve been off it for 3 weeks now, i ran out and just have been too busy and too broke to buy more.

Ordered 4 months supply this morning. The shit works it takes a bit i’d say you start to see results quickly, then it slows down a bit but it just keeps growing, longer you use it the more hair you’ll get its that simple.

I’ve tried the minoxidil drops, and the shampoos and none of them seemed to do anything, im pretty happy with this stuff, i’ll do another upload in a few weeks time when im back on it and i’ll do close ups on the bald spots and show the progress there.

Your not meant to go off it though like i’ve done so i wouldnt recommend that, i have noticed my hair thinning a bit since stopping it but that might be just me.

Thanks for watching

Source: rogaine review 2 – Before & After

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