Nourish – Awaken And Replenish Combo – Hair Growth Shampoo & Conditioner for Thinning Hair Treatment

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Awaken & Replenish® hair growth shampoo and conditioner have quickly become a favorite for those that suffer from hair growth problems. It uses a scientifically-proven herbal extract combination that gets your hair in the growth phase and keeps it there for hair restoration. It uses our Trichogen® combination of herbal extracts that have been scientifically tested to help hair grow like it should. Trichogen® stimulates scalp micro-circulation and improves nutrient and hydration delivery to the follicle roots and cuticle – stimulating and promoting hair growth and thickness. Hydrolyzed protein, Panthenol and wheat germ amino acids rebuild protein bonds for added strength while advanced botanicals infuse nutrients, minerals and moisture for improved health and thickness. Paraben-free preservatives and gentle sulfates cleanse the scalp of oil, dirt and product build-up that can slow growth and reduce nutrition. Naturally-derived Jojoba and Emu Oil penetrate deep to moisturize and coat your hair with protection and moisture while building body, volume and control! Awaken & Replenish® hair growth shampoo and conditioner work amazingly for both men and women. Your hair grows as it should using our hair loss shampoo. The best stimulant shampoo for hair loss available. It uses a proven ingredient combination called Trichogen® that stimulates hair growth! We guarantee that this is best shampoo for thinning hair available for getting your hair its healthiest especially for those that are thinning. Our most popular shampoo and conditioner for thinning hair and a great hair loss treatment!HAIR GROWTH SHAMPOO (12oz): Our best shampoo for hair loss for men & women suffering from hair loss, thinning, or slow growing hair.
HAIR LOSS CONDITIONER (8oz): This hair growth treatment conditioner promotes hair growth and increases micro-circulation.
ADVANCED FORMULA: Scientifically-proven Trichogen® extract formula that gets your hair growth activated and keeps it there! Contains herbal extracts, Jojoba oil, Emu oil, Pantenol & proteins to stimulate hair growth.
TREATMENTS: This hair loss treatment is for those who suffer from hair growth problems and need a proven hair growth treatment.
INVIGORATING FRAGRANCE: Our hair growth shampoo and conditioner has a refreshing, invigorating vanilla-mint fragrance that you will love!

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Source: Nourish – Awaken And Replenish Combo – Hair Growth Shampoo & Conditioner for Thinning Hair Treatment

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