Miracle Hair PREMIUM All Natural Hair Building Fibers for Instantly Thicker Looking Hair! (25g) 75-Day Supply: MEDIUM BROWN

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Miracle Hair is an all-natural, non-toxic alternative for balding/thinning hair. Only Miracle Hair uses Smart Fiber Technology to ensure the strongest hold possible. Smart Fiber Technology was carefully designed to electrostatically charge the cotton fibers with an exact level of energy for results with maximum holding potential. Miracle Hair consists of a unique complex of 100% natural cotton fibers that build upon your existing hair. They produce dramatic density with volume and totally undetectable coverage to your thinning and balding areas. The fibers attach to your existing hair follicles through a naturally occurring static charge which creates a strong hold that lasts all day. In seconds, thousands of Miracle Hair color-matched fibers will intertwine with your existing hair, and will not stain or smear.

Miracle Hair is completely undetectable and instantly eliminates bald spots and the appearance of thinning hair. Even from up close, people will not be able to tell a difference. Miracle Hair really does seem like a miracle. You have to see it to believe it! Miracle hair works on all hair types and hair styles! Applying Miracle Hair is easy and quick, and works great on any hair style including, shaved, short, long, wavy, curly, or colored hair. Sprinkle over the thinning area until completely covered. Pat hair gently to blend the Miracle Hair fibers with your own natural hair. When you apply Miracle Hair, the fibers attach seamlessly to your hair to create a thicker head of hair. The various natural-looking hair colors are available in 5 different colors. When choosing your Miracle Hair color, we strongly recommend choosing a shade darker than your original color to achieve best results.

WANT TO LOOK YEARS YOUNGER IN JUST SECONDS?: Miracle Hair is easy to use, and completely eliminates the need for embarrassing hair pieces or painful and expensive surgery!
WIND RESISTANT, SWEAT RESISTANT, AND RAIN RESISTANT: Miracle Hair binds to your natural hair, making grays invisible and a fuller head of hair lasting longer throughout your day!
ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS – NO HARSH CHEMICALS OR DYES: Unlike similar products, the fibers used in Miracle Hair are not synthetic or animal based, but are derived from cotton.
COVERS UP THINNING OR BALDING AREAS WITHIN SECONDS: Made from plant-derived cotton fibers, Miracle Hair uses “electromagnetism” to bind fibers to your existing hair, firmly locking onto the shaft and leaving a fuller, thicker head of hair!
NOT JUST FOR THINNING HAIR! COVER UP OUTGROWN ROOTS AND GRAYS: Eliminate the need for constant salon visits by using Miracle Hair to cover up roots as hair grows!

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Source: Miracle Hair PREMIUM All Natural Hair Building Fibers for Instantly Thicker Looking Hair! (25g) 75-Day Supply: MEDIUM BROWN

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