Minoxidil & DHT: Scaremongering VS. Science | The Beardnecessities | Ep.1 |

Welcome to my new series – The Beardnecessities.

In episode one we are focusing mainly on DHT

News flash beware beard powder scam: https://youtu.be/rfC1B6AMDr0

You’ll hear 5 facts about DHT,
How hair actually grows – the three phases of growth Angen, Catagen,Telogen
DHT and Male Pattern Baldness (MPB)
scalp VS Face ( Beard) & effects of “DHT Blockers”
Scaremongers – Two typical types
Why you shouldn’t lose your gains when quitting (BEARD ONLY)

A list of DHT blockers to avoid in using Minoxidil to grow a beard (provided thanks to the tireless efforts of the Minox Beard Spot on Facebook all credit to them)


I will keep these updated but so far we know to avoid:

– Saw Palmetto
– Rosemary Oil
– Lavender Oil
– Coconut Oil
– Emu Oil
– Soy Based Products/ Foods/ Oils
– Pumpkin Seed Oil
– Spectral DNC-N
– Tea Tree Oil
– Copper Peptides (SRCP)
– Finestride
– Being Lazy – Excess fat can cause Testosterone to convert into Oestrogen at a faster rate.

A big thank you for taking the time to watch. Please do feel free to critique if you feel that anything I said was incorrect in anyway – and post links to relevant research – as humans we are always learning.

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DHT Facts and MPB information
Source: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/68082.php

Source: Minoxidil & DHT: Scaremongering VS. Science | The Beardnecessities | Ep.1 |

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