Hair Loss Treatments, Minoxidil & DHT, what you need to know!
Hair Loss Treatments, Minoxidil & DHT, what you need to know!

Minoxidil was originally used in a tablet form to lower blood pressure. One of the side effects noted, was an increase in hair growth related to DHT which is Dehydrotestosterone, the cause of hair thinning in Female Pattern Thinning (not hair loss) and Male Pattern Thinning (not hair loss).
When applied topically, Minoxidil can assist to remove the constriction DHT causes to the hair bulb and in effect, the blood supply to the hair build, limiting growth of hair, and causing an miniaturization or thinning effect of the hairs only ever on the top, recessions and crown of the head.
To apply Minoxidil topically, you must prepare your scalp so it is ready to absorb through the protective barrier of the scalp skin. The skin is part of your integumentary system, and is there to protect you.
Many over the counter types of Minoxidil actually damage the natural barriers of the scalp skin to attempt to penetrate though the scalp epidermis to the dermis where the hair bulb is and the effect of the DHT.
Safe preparation of the scalp is essential to the safety and effectiveness of topical Minoxidil. This includes Scalp Brush Therapy, Scalp Cleansing, opening your hair follicle with Scalp Tonique and then channeling through the scalp epidermis to the dermis with sage Microneedle Therapy, and then, you can apply topical to effectively reach the target site, guaranteed!
In addition, you must also understand where DHT comes from. It is from within all of us. DHT natural function is relevant to our auxiliary hair, which is there to protect our body’s outermost layer and largest organ, our skin.
To effectively reduce the effect of DHT on the hair bulb which is perceived as hair loss but is hair thinning, one must stop the buildup of DHT around the hair bulb before you can begin to remove the constriction the DHT has caused to get any result in the form of hair re-growth from any hair loss treatment.
Prescription DHT blockers cause systemic changes within your body, which can have side effects, and effect your cells pH balance, which is essential to be alkaline for cell health and division.
As a Natural Therapist, I choose natural DHT blockers to be used in a body alkaline environment in combination with pH testing and feeding the body essential nutrients, to ensure the cell is functioning correctly.
Remember, if you block the DHT, you will not need to use minoxidil forever, and you will not get hair loss once you stop using minoxidil, when using combination therapy of blocking DHT and removing the constriction of DHT.
Also be aware of your natural hair cycle. In 99% of cases I diagnose with my 60x magnification microscope, I find male and female pattern thinning to be related to a interrupted hair cycle as a result of diffuse hair loss or diffusely damaged hairs from poor hair cell function, which all related back to pH and health.
One last word on Minoxidil, most manufacturers and distributors recommend 1ml per day. If you prepare your scalp effectively you only need to apply the Minoxidil on the days you wash and in most case ½ml is more than enough and eliminates the residue on your scalp and hair.
Hope this information helps to understand Minoxidil with more clarity.
Carolyn Evans, Trichologist at Absolique Hair Health Clinic

Source: Hair Loss Treatments, Minoxidil & DHT, what you need to know!

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