Hair Loss prevention diet: Avoid saturated fats

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Hair Loss prevention diet avoid saturated fats

I will tell you the fats to include in your diet if your hair is thinning and which fats you should not have.

There are some fats that can increase cholesterol rquickly and the risk of some specific diseases, while good fats protect the health of your body and hair.

First, a basic but extremely important concept for your hair: in our body there is a hormone called DHT – this is derived from Testosterone.

If it’s in excess on our scalp, it can be quite aggressive the hair, attacking the follicles, making hair finer and smaller until you go totally bald.

One type of this hormone is made in the sebaceous glands while the other type is produced in the hair follicles, and if you want to save your hair, you should reduce both.

In this video you will learn how to reduce the “sebaceous DHT” through diet.

For this matter it is important to be aware of the type of fats that we eat, in fact harmful fats will increase dht while good fats will give benefits to your hair follicles.

Good fats will also improve blood circulation (something really good for the hair follicles)

The fats to avoid for an anti hair loss diet are called saturated fats, and they come from foods like fat meat, salami, fat cheeese and fried food.

These fats increase cholesterol, decrease blood flow and clog the internal side of veins and artheries.

That’s why you want to avoid them.

Beef and lamb fat are bad, while pork fat is not, remember!

Bad fat will irritate the hair follicles through blood flow and skin will become even more oily, increasing the risk of hair fall.

They are contained in different fishes, fish oil, nuts legumes, beans, corn, and other green leaf veggies.

This is one of the best hair loss prevention diets.

Well watch the full video for the details, and dont forget to visit our home page if you want to watch the intro videos of our stop hair loss program.

Source: Hair Loss prevention diet: Avoid saturated fats

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