-Shake it well before each use. -Part hair and squeeze the oil in lines on the scalp; cover the entire head. (You may warm the oil by rubbing between palms before applying since it can be thick to apply, gentle heating is also acceptable)
-By using your fingertips massage VERY GENTLY for at least 2-3 full minutes on entire head and length of hair.
-You can wipe the excess oil with a paper towel or tissue.
-Use it in the evenings and leave it overnight; take a shower the next day.
-If using it in day, leave it only up to 12 hours.
-Use a gentle alcohol free shampoo. Avoid using any conditioner.
-Use it for 1-3 days a week. Start with ONLY ONE application/week.
-Do it for at least 3-6 months to see positive results.
-You don’t have to have all six ingredients to get benefits. You may just use one oil or almond, castor, coconut and jojoba oil. Emu oil and Vit E are not easily available, so just use what you can find.
Caution: Don’t overuse it (more than 4 days a week or leaving oils on your scalp all the time more than 24 hours), you need to let your scalp breathe & keep circulating it’s own natural sebum oils. Over application can sometimes smother the scalp and hair too much and can cause further thinning. In some people the hair may fall a little more in the first month, because any oiling process or head massage will remove the existing weak hair, but will soon grow new hair stronger and thicker. So don’t panic and don’t give up too quickly. Every healthy person loses about 100-150 strands of hair each day. All ingredients are 100 % Natural, but if you are highly sensitive, please test before using regularly for allergies, rashes or irritations!If allergic to nuts, substitute coconut oil for almond oil with the same amount. Vegans can substitute Emu oil with 1 Oz. of coconut oil. Be patient, it takes time and patience to have great hair Naturally! 🙂

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-Using micro needle roller with topical application of essentials oils, Lavender + Rosemary (on hairline/bald spots only).
-Using Home made Thickening Oil: fatty acids oil massages on entire head (Read the recipe and Application method).
-Using thickening oil mix with pure lavender and rosemary essential oil (1:1 ratio) SEPARATELY on overall head once a week gives the best results faster. (Do not add essential oils into thickening oil mix)
-Use pure aloe vera gel once a week especially on bald spots, receding hairline. It has more than 20 minerals and many vitamins which promote hair growth.
-Adding Biotin, Omega 3 and Vitamin D in your diet can help the hair follicles from within. Be careful of Biotin supplements, don’t use the highest potency. (standard dose natural supplements are ok) Watch 10 tips video below.
-Adding a 2-3 day/week workout routine will lower DHT (dihydrotestosterone) and increase healthy T or DHT blocking foods or natural DHT blocking supplements. DHT is the major cause of MPB (Male Pattern Baldness). Strength training forces your body to balance DHT and T to normal levels.
-Reduce added sugar from your diet. Reduce carbs, which turn in sugar and spike insulin.
-Hydrate yourself by drinking plenty of Water everyday!
-Manage stress effectively by meditation and deep breathing! It prevents premature hair resting phase.
-Think positive by visualization making this statement 5 times/day “My scalp is becoming healthier & receptive and my hair are growing stronger, thicker & beautiful everyday” It reminds your brain and body to stimulate stem cells & hair growth and also enhances your self-esteem.


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