Folligen Hair Signal Therapy Cream 2 Oz.

Hair Signals Therapy combines copper peptides in a synergetic formula using the regenerative power of Srcps discovered by Dr Loren Pickart and proven in published studies to increase hair growth and hair follicle size while reducing apotosis programmed cell death that causes follicular miniaturization with Tea Extracts Saw Palmetto Oil Pygeum Africanum and Lavender Oil all of which are effective inhibitors of Dht Also includes Penetrating Agents of Polysorbate20 and Polysorbate80 key ingredients found in the original Helsinki FormulaStop hair loss and promote hair regrow
Prevent hair loss and thinning hair among men and women
Proven results
Made in Usa
Natural safe and effective

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Source: Folligen Hair Signal Therapy Cream 2 Oz.

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