Emu Oil Shampoo and Leave-in Conditioner Set

emu oil for hair growth

Emu Oil Shampoo (8 fl oz.) and Conditioner (4 fl.oz.) These products are designed to work synergistically. The shampoo cleans the hair and preps it for maximum absorption of the conditioner ingredients. If you use just the shampoo your hair may not be properly conditioned. For extremely dry hair apply a small amount of our Emu Oil after applying the conditioner. Special offer: 10% off when you add a 2 oz bottle of our emu oil. Elaborating on the success of our Emu Oil product, we have created this set of shampoo and conditioner designed specifically for damaged hair. Responding to customer’s requests for a leave-in conditioner that was easier to apply evenly than the old formula, the company has released a new leave-in conditioner that can be sprayed for easy application. This new leave-in sprayable conditioner has the same concentration of emu oil as the old formula, and adds several important ingredients. Keratin, a protein extracted from sheep’s wool, serves to repair split ends, prevent breakage, and protect the hair by forming a protective tight film. The problem with rinse-off shampoos and conditioners is that keratin does not survive contact with water, and thus the protective film doesn’t form and the keratin simply goes down the drain. Our new sprayable formulation ensures that the keratin film will form and stay on the hair strands until the next hair rinse. Therefore, keratin adds an important protective function to the moisturizing role of emu oil. To further improve hair structure, luster and sheen we added panthenol. White Tea extract protects hair against UVB damage, whereas Ivy extract serves to protect the scalp.Set of Emu Oil Shampoo (8 fl.oz) and Leave-in Conditioner (4 fl.oz)
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Sprayable leave-in conditioner designed to work synergistically with the shampoo (see Product Description section)
For extremely dry hair add a 2 oz of our Emu Oil at 10% off
Sulfate-free, low-foam shampoo designed for damaged hair. Good for your hair, good for the environment.

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Source: Emu Oil Shampoo and Leave-in Conditioner Set

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