Active Wow Argan Oil & Organic Botanicals Anti Hair-Loss Shampoo – 16 Fluid Oz

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Active Wow started in heart of Los Angeles, at one of the most sought after salons for the stars. The owner Pierre Bardoux had a number of clients looking for ways to treat their damaged hair, and many more looking for a way to prevent further hair loss. Inspired by his clients, he scoured the globe in search for the right botanical ingredients with hair-restorative properties. It wasn’t for another six years of extensive research and development that Pierre was satisfied enough with his product to launch his flagship shampoo: Active Wow .

Active Wow has grown to become a revolutionary company focused on sourcing the highest-quality nutrients and botanicals. The shampoo is formulated specifically to tackle issues related to hair-loss and thinning. Active Wow Restorative Shampoo goes right to the source of hair-loss in both men and women, and actively heals and restores follicles at their root in order to help produce and maintain fuller, stronger hair. Appropriate for both men and women, many of the botanical ingredients in Active Wow have been shown to improve hair health when used regularly.Active Wow is a natural blend of organic botanical ingredients, scientifically formulated by hair-care professionals to restore healthy hair and prevent hair loss.
The best of science and nature, Active Wow is made in the USA and contains no harmful chemicals. It is a cruelty-free product tested only on humans with the intent and goal of restoring hair and giving our users the fullest, natural soft hair alongside a beautiful sheen unmatched with other formulas.
Organic Botanical extracts not only repair damaged follicles, but get the root of the issue and promote a healthier scalp, rejuvenating your scalp with every wash in order to stimulate cell growth and reverse damage caused by chemicals and the sun
Ingredients include: Biotin, Caffeine, Saw Palmetto, Argan Oil, Nettle, Pumpkin Seed, Keratin, and Green Tea, all of which have been shown to benefit hair health in a myriad of ways.
Active Wow’s easy-to-use formula doesn’t require getting used to a new regimen; simply apply to wet hair in the shower, work the shampoo from your scalp with your finger-tips, then from the roots and out towards the ends of your hair. Leave in for 2-3 minutes and repeat as often as you normally take a shower.

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Source: Active Wow Argan Oil & Organic Botanicals Anti Hair-Loss Shampoo – 16 Fluid Oz

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