A Hair Transplant Alternative that Stops Hair Loss and Thickens Hair without Surgery

It’s estimated that hair loss and thinning hair affects about half of men and women by the age of 50. Scientists and researchers have worked through the decades to find solutions. Dr. Amiya Prasad, a multi-specialty cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon, developed a formulation that clinically has been effective in stopping progressive hair loss and thickening existing hair called Hair Regeneration.

Hair Regeneration was in part developed based on observations such as one made when a wound healing material called extracellular matrix (ECM), made by ACell, was applied after a hair transplant to help heal transplanted follicles. It was seen that existing thinning hair had thickened, and that transplanted hair follicles had a much better survival rate than hair transplants performed without the treatment.

Hair Regeneration can be applied as a single, non-surgical treatment for people who want to address progressive hair loss and thicken existing hair. Hair Regeneration has been consistently effective for people who want to stop progression of their hair loss, and thicken existing hair often preventing the need for a hair transplant. Frustration with hair transplants is often felt by patients since the surgery cannot prevent further hair loss. Hair Regeneration has been effective in maximizing the benefit of hair transplant by improving the graft survivability and reversal of hair thinning resulting in more hair volume.

Based on clinical observation and existing medical research, we believe that Hair Regeneration works by reactivating the body’s production of adult stem cells which appear to decrease at the hair follicle level resulting in progressive hair loss. Hair Regeneration appears to restart the hair growth cycle, using Dr. Prasad’s customized protocol using extracellular matrix, platelet-rich plasma (the concentration of the blood’s own healing factors called platelets), and vitamin D as well as other materials and methods. The results of Hair Regeneration treatment has been observed that thinning becomes thicker which seem to prevent DHT (dihydrotestosterone) from choking hair follicles, thereby treating progressive hair loss. In fact, many men who do not want to take finasteride (brand name Propecia) and choose hair regeneration to treat their thinning hair. Hair Regeneration has also been effective in treating female pattern hair loss and people who suffer from alopecia areata and lupus-related hair loss.

As a cosmetic, oculofacial and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Prasad has extensive experience with extracellular matrix. He has used ECM in healing scars and incisions in body, reconstructive surgery, face lifting, scar revision surgery, and delicate procedures for eyelid skin and underlying tissue.
The entire procedure is non-surgical, and patients normally return to work and regular activity the following day.

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Source: A Hair Transplant Alternative that Stops Hair Loss and Thickens Hair without Surgery

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