Four Hair Loss Natural Remedies Worth Considering

A great deal of benefit can be gained from implementing hair loss natural remedies. After all once you move past Propecia and Rogaine (minoxidil) your hair regrowth options will be limited to natural remedies, some of which can produce very good results.

Each culture seems to have its own special brand of hair loss natural remedies. For instance ancient Ayurvedic medicine combines liver detoxification with bhringaraj oil. Most people in United States have never heard the name of bhringaraj oil but it is widely available in India and is well known as a rejuvenating herb. Bhringaraj oil has shown excellent results in certain instances and should not be discounted, especially if you have access to this product.

Perhaps the most widely known herb used in the treatment of balding and thinning hair is saw palmetto. Saw palmetto is used in naturopathic medicine for male prostate problems and loss of hair. While this seems to be an odd combination what we do know is that saw palmetto supplementation is able to either block or moderate the production of the hair loss hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This is a very important finding due to the fact that at least eight out of every ten cases of balding and thinning hair is caused by this androgen hormone.

The process goes like this; testosterone is converted by the hair mediating enzyme 5 alpha reductase type 2 into the much more powerful hormone DHT which binds to the hair follicle. Over time it causes follicle shrinkage and death, leading to progressive hair loss and eventual balding. Saw palmetto is able to inhibit this process making it one natural hair loss remedy worth considering. The bad news is it is not suggested for use by women.

While saw palmetto is not suggested for women nettle root extract can be substituted. Nettles are rich in vitamins A and C as well as several minerals and lipids. Besides having some hair nutrition value it also exhibits many of the same androgen hormone blocking properties as saw palmetto. Nettle root inhibits the production of DHT by controlling the hair mediating enzyme 5 alpha reductase type 2. This herb has been used successfully in Europe for years as a cure for balding and is one of a handful of natural hair loss remedies worth considering.

Aloe vera extract has a long history of use by the American Indian and Mayan civilizations as a remedy for balding and thinning hair. Aloe vera is rarely mentioned as one of the natural remedies for hair loss but should not be discounted. Aloe can help the scalp by balancing pH levels, healing damaged scalp areas, and cleansing clogged pores. It is widely available, non toxic, and affordable.

What Next? DHT driven balding is progressive and the hair loss incurred will not slow or reverse itself without some form of treatment. There are On a by: Currently handful of hair regrowth treatments Specifically designed to address DHT and hair loss. Not only do they contain FDA approved ingredients which have been shown to block dihydrotestosterone (DHT) but they also work to stimulate the scalp and bring dead follicles back to life. These hair regrowth products can be used as a preventative tool, starting the program before hair loss becomes severe, or you can use them after DHT has already begun to take hold of your hair and scalp. The important thing is to take action recognizing that it is easier to retain hair than it is to regrow it.

Four Hair Loss Natural Remedies Worth Considering by Robert D Hawkins

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