What’s The Best Bodybuilding Split? Basic Rules of Bodybuilding Split Training

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Bodybuilding splits are a dime a dozen and can be confusing and overwhelming to choose from. Here are some basic rules to optimize your bodybuilding training and choosing the best bodybuilding workout to use with your fitness routine.

@1:00 – Hey Skinny Vinny. Which combinations of muscle groups should be trained together in the same session or in a typical week starting monday. How would you split muscle groups into your schedule?

@3:57 – What are your thoughts about doing supersts every exercise every time you workout?

@7:43 – I’m a big fa. What about working smaller muscle groups like the neck, forearms and obliques. Are there specific neck exercises? Do you suggest higher reps and lower weights for the forearms? Do you ever work the obliques sperately or just throw them in with abs?

@9:57 – Today i was reading about keeping weights closer to the body for more control over them, they used the front lat raise as their example showing arms fully extended. Now would having your arms bent at 90 degrees provide the same if not more optimal firing of muscles due to more control of the weights or would it compromise the shoulder and cause injury?

@5:12 – There is a lot of confusion on how often to switch up your program. And when people realize they do not know what factors to manipulates. This is not just a topic to benefit me but other people as well. So the question is, how often should you switch up your program and what factors should be manipulated when you do switch bodybuilding routines.

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