Train Large | Jay Cutler Living Large | Mass-Building Workouts, Training Tips, Nutrition Plan | Ep 2

Jay Cutler has been training for more than 20 years. Learn from his lifetime of lifting advice and no-holds-barred attitude to build your own massive, ripped physique.
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If you want to build a bigger, better body, you’d better listen when Jay Cutler talks about training. Every time Jay hits the gym, he’s hell-bent on building muscle. It’s not always about the correct number of sets and reps; it’s about consistency and attitude, about not dropping the weights until every muscle fiber is utterly torched. If you want to look anything like Jay, you’d better train like Jay—if you can handle it.

Despite a rock-solid foundation of great genetics, Jay Cutler didn’t wake up one morning with 22.5-inch arms and a barn-door back. He’s been competing in the iron game for 20 years. He’s built his massive physique with two decades of hard work and heavy lifting.

“Obviously, I want to have freakish body parts,” says Jay, “but it was never an ego thing. I never wanted everyone to notice me.” Jay didn’t get into bodybuilding for attention, but he gets plenty of it. Often, that attention has a positive impact. Jay now says that his biggest accomplishment is motivating other people.

If they live in Las Vegas, Jay’s fans can get all the visual motivation they need. Jay doesn’t hide away when he trains; he hits local gyms late at night. “I train in public because I don’t want to be surrounded and locked into the lifestyle to the extreme,” Jay explains. “It’s already hard enough stepping away from who I am.”

Despite the near-constant interruptions and shameless stares, Jay maintains a clear head and a quiet intensity. “I don’t listen to music,” he says. “For me, it’s not really an emotional thing. I’m very driven to do what I do. I don’t need that extra anger or frustration to train any harder.” If he needs a little extra motivation, Jay will bring a buddy to the gym.

“I feel like I’ve secured the legacy on the competition stage,” Jay says, “so I don’t have any specific goals as far as my physique. I’m not worried about adding two inches to my legs.” Instead, he is mostly concerned with where he’ll go from here. Despite so many years in the game, Jay is determined to be more conditioned, better prepared, and more mentally focused than ever.

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Source: Train Large | Jay Cutler Living Large | Mass-Building Workouts, Training Tips, Nutrition Plan | Ep 2

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