Top 7 Best Supplements For Building Muscle Quickly

Get more details about the best supplements for building muscle quickly:

In this video from Weight Gain Network, Troy Adashun goes over his list of the best supplements for muscle gain.

Troy has been studying supplements for building muscle his entire life, and after all his research, has determined that there are only a handful that he really considers essential.

The truth is that the supplement industry is very corrupt, and because supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA, it’s easy for muscle-building supplement manufacturers to get away with wild claims.

This can lead to a lot of confusion when bodybuilders and new weight trainers are trying to determine the best bodybuilding supplements to add to their regimen.

So here’s Troy’s list of the best supplements to build muscle:

1:45 – CREATINE:

For skinny guys who want to gain weight, this supplement will increase your energy output and fuel your muscle gains by allowing you to lift heavier weights in the gym.


Your muscles need a consistent supply of protein throughout the day in order to support muscle growth. Using a whey protein supplement is an easy and convenient way to reach your daily protein intake. The best time to take whey protein is within 30 minutes after finishing a workout.


Whey protein is to be taken during the day because it’s fast absorbing. Casein protein is different because it is a slow-absorbing protein source. Therefore it’s great for taking at night, so your body can utilize the protein for a longer period of time as you’re sleeping.

5:17 – DEXTROSE:

This is one of the best post-workout supplements that not many trainers talk about (or know about.) You won’t even find it in supplements stores very often. However, this is the perfect thing to consume post-workout because of the fact that it’s a fast-digesting carbohydrate. It will restore muscle glycogen levels and help your muscles recover after a hard workout. (The faster they can recover, the better chance they have to grow.)


Just like BCAA’s, heavy weight lifting puts a demand on your body for amino acids like L-Glutamine. Supplementing with this will not only help your muscles recover faster, but it’s also been shown to aid in protein synthesis AND increase your plasma HGH (Human Growth Hormone) levels, which will undoubtedly have an impact on muscle gains.


You already know that men with higher testosterone levels have the ability to build muscle faster and easier. If you want to boost your natural T levels, D-Aspartic Acid is one of the best supplements to take.


These are best to take before and after your workout. Intense exercise is known to break down BCAA’s so it’s important to restore these levels through supplementation. If your body is low on BCAA’s it’s going to be harder for you to gain lean muscle mass.

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Top 7 Best Supplements For Building Muscle Quickly







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