The Best Muscle Building Protein? Don’t Forget Whey!

What Exactly Is Whey Protein All About?

Let us start with a scientific explanation. This  protein is made up of globular-protein, which is isolated in the whey. It is a byproduct of cheese manufactured from a cow’s milk. It is a natural blend of beta-lacto globulin, alpha-lactalbumin and serum albumin, which are all soluble in their original shapes and self-contained in the pH. Its best organic value is called Biological Value or “BV”. In short it is one the very best protein sources that there is for muscle builders!

Whey protein has certainly been a welcome addition in the bodybuilding world. It has helped a lot of bodybuilders achieve their goals. Today, this protein has been included as a necessary part of all muscle building diets. Whey protein powder offers quality protein and is very concentrated compared to other protein sources such as eggs, milk, fish, and beef.

What Makes Whey Protein So Good?

  • It can easily be digested in your body. The biological value (BV) is a gauge of efficacy with which protein can be immersed and consumed by body for tissue growth— the greater the value the better will be the efficiency.  Egg protein is the universal standard for “BV”. Egg protein retains a “BV” of 100. Milk (casein as well as whey) emerges at about 85 “BV”, beef protein about 75 “BV”. Whey protein supplements in determined form have a “BV” of about 104, while whey in insolated form has a “BV” around 170.
  • It is also a rich form of amino acids which play an important role in building and sustaining new muscle mass. The most effective and perhaps useful way of supplying a sufficient quantity of amino acids is through whey protein supplements.
  • Whey has the unique ability of “BCAA” (Branch Chain Amino Acids), which you can never ever find in any of the protein sources. The “BCCA” are called Lucien, valine, and iso-leucine.

In In short, we can say that whey is an instrumental muscle building protein. It helps you in the best ways like improving your immune system, metabolism, body muscle mass, cardiovascular functions, and sheered mental capacity. It is one protein that you must use in your diet if you intend on building muscle mass quickly through a regimented weight lifting program.

The Best Muscle Building Protein? Don’t Forget Whey! by Max Jungmier

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