The Best MMA Supplements

Quite often an MMA fighter will look to MMA supplements for just a little extra help when it comes to winning a match. That may come in the way of better nutrition, better supplements, better training, or even in some cases better performance enhancing drugs. When it comes to the first three items you can bet that by increasing your knowledge in these areas you will see improvement and become a better fighter. When it comes to performance enhancing drugs you have to realize that this route is dangerous and are of course illegal.

The best supplements that MMA fighters can benefit from are usually the simplest ones. Below are some simple MMA supplements that are cheap and will work wonders for your fight game!

There are multiple supplements on the market that provide vitamins and minerals. I know of one particular brand that does this in the form of a green food powder. There are others that come in the way of pills, such as multivitamins. Either way though, every fighter needs to have the proper vitamins and minerals to be able to heal and recover. You can also get the proper vitamins and minerals by eating the proper foods! Take your pick and just get these in so that you can heal and recover to the best of your ability. You all know foods that are rich and vitamins and minerals, these are the fruits and vegetables of course. Plus also animal based foods contain plenty of vitamins and minerals. Again, bottom line just find a way to get these nutrients in and it will help your fight game.

The next MMA supplement that all fighters should be using is a good form of protein powder. There are various forms here as well. They range from hemp, whey, casein, soy, etc. I think personally that whey and hemp are the two best choices. By using this form of MMA supplement you can ensure that after a hard workout you can rebuild and nourish muscles. This will make it so that muscle being torn down, can later be built back up. This will prevent muscle loss and help keep your metabolism high and your body fat to a minimum. This will give you the rock hard look that every fighter wants.

The next MMA supplement that I would recommend to every fighter are a new class of MMA supplements called Neural-Adaptogens. These are a brand new category of supplements that will optimize your hormonal and neurotransmitter level. This will essentially allow your brain and body communicate in a way that will give you the highest possible level of performance. They keep your growth hormone levels and testosterone to the highest level and make training hard so much easier. Often times they also come with a blend that can increase focus and maintain a high level of energy.

The big thing that every fighter needs to keep in mind is that you need to focus on doing the right things daily. It is consistency that will make you the fighter that you dream of being. Keep fighting hard, keep eating right, and keep taking the best mma supplements available. You knows maybe you could be the next Jon “Bones” Jones, or the next Anderson Silva. Maybe with hard enough training you could even look like George St. Pierre, the fighter with the physique that was voted most sought after!

The Best MMA Supplements by Mike Shilo

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