Secrets on How to Build Muscle!

If you are like me, and get tired of hearing the millions of “How to build muscle” strategies… this message is for you.

FACT: A large majority of the products, videos, and coaching sessions will yield some kind of result if you follow them exactly how they say.

It is proven that with a good diet and exercise (of which the majority of them recommend), you will begin to look and feel healthy.

FICTION: All of these programs will work for anybody.

Each individual have a different body structure, metabolism rate, and motivation level. It is extremely hard to find ONE get ripped product that will work for EVERYBODY. You must first figure out your body, metabolism rate, and desire. Then find a program that will help you with your goals.

For example, I wouldn’t recommend something advanced like P90x or a body builder’s regiment for someone just beginning to want to get in shape. Something like Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer will teach them about their body structure and metabolism rate. Then it will customize a diet and work out plan based around their personal dimensions. After progressing through this, then they should have the ability, confidence and motivation to tackle one of the advanced regiments.

FACT: Determination and discipline are the key ingredients.

These aspects cannot be taught in any program. The most essential ingredient needed to Build Muscle can’t be purchased in a supplement or explained in a DVD.

FICTION: Supplements can get you ripped without any exercise.

This is nonsense. I don’t care what you are taking, exercise is still necessary to achieve the body structure that you would like. If you see any supplement advertising you NOT having toexercise… please be very wary. Better yet, just leave those alone…totally.

With that being said, I must say, that there are machines that stimulate muscle contractions without you having to actual exercise. Just know that these machines do not come in a bottle.

FACT: Once you have learned and follow the dietary habits necessary to improve your muscle growth, you will look and feel better as long as you follow this diet.

It’s the combination of proper diet and exercise that will yield the fastest result.

FICTION: Anyone can get ripped without dieting properly if they just exercise regularly.

This may be so for people with fast metabolisms, but many people don’t have a fast metabolism. In this case if the monitoring of fat grams is not practiced, they will just build muscle under the fat that is already stored in their bodies. This is counterproductive to actually getting ripped.

So, if learning How to Build Muscle and get ripped is a priority of yours… I would suggest learning your body, finding an exercise plan that will push you but not kill you, then being disciplined and dedicated to push yourself to your goals.

Secrets on How to Build Muscle! by Teon Brown

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