Raising the Bar 4: CHAPTER 8 – Bodybuilding documentary with Kai Greene and Dave Pulcinella

RTB 4 is a bodybuilding documentary featuring Kai Greene, Victor Martinez, Dave Pulcinella and Hayley McNeff. SEE LINKS AT THE BOTTOM FOR MATERIAL RELATED TO THIS CHAPTER

Chapter 8 Synopsis:

Gathering footage at the Arnold Classic with his “team” of girlfriend and brother for “Kai Greene: REDEMPTION”, proves to be even more engaging and challenging than Mike could have anticipated.

While Mike and Elle visit with athletes and cover the exhibitions, Dave is given a camera and sent out to gather footage of the expo.

It soon becomes clear that his skills as a cameraman leave much to be desired, but his thoughts while watching the athletes warming up backstage begin to reveal the depth of his feelings about missing out on a pro card.

During the shooting of his next project, “Rodney Roller: RAW”, Mike is struck by a startling realization: 40-year-old Rodney’s attempt at a pro-card clearly parallels Dave’s journey just three years prior, as documented in RTB3.

Will Rodney achieve what Dave was unable to?

The night of Rodney’s contest, Mike receives a desperate phone call from Jim Durney, Joe’s brother, and receives tragic news about his lifelong friend which prompts Mike to think yet again about the power of the camera and the use of story as means to change others’ lives.

With the help of MHP, Mike begins a series of short-films celebrating the achievements of individuals who have changed their lives through healthy diet and exercise.

It’s not long before these videos begin to attract the unwanted attention of a new breed of fitness trolls, and both Mike and Dave are confronted with possibly their most challenging adversary.


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