Raising the Bar 4: CHAPTER 6 – Bodybuilding documentary with Kai Greene Hayley McNeff

RTB 4 is a bodybuilding documentary featuring Kai Greene, Victor Martinez, Dave Pulcinella and Hayley McNeff. SEE LINKS AT THE BOTTOM FOR MATERIAL RELATED TO CHAPTER 6

CHAPTER 6 Synopsis:

In episode six of RTB4, stories collide even further, and universal truths about the sport of bodybuilding and life – both good and bad – begin to emerge.

Mike visits friend Joe Durney to discuss a possible documentary – The Freedom From Religion Project – as inspired by his confrontation with the rogue Santeria priest.

But Mike is taken aback by Joe’s health complications: having just finished physical rehabilitation, Joe struggles to be mindful of his health after a partial leg amputation and diabetes.

Further postponing the project is a new proposal by Gerard Dente: an opportunity for Mike to work with industry legend Rodney Roller.

Things come full-circle as Mike finds himself filming Oscar Arden training Rodney for the very same contest that saw the end of Dave Pulcinella’s competitive career at the end of RTB3.

As Mike films Rodney, he stumbles upon the origin-story of Kai Greene, exploring just how visceral and intimate the connection between coach-and-trainer truly is.

Meanwhile, we again return to Hayley McNeff, who is now questioning whether or not competitive bodybuilding is truly compatible with what the struggling young athlete wants in life…while she attempts to navigate just what “wants in life” means.

These narratives intertwine and attest to the adage that “thoughts become reality”, how this mindset plays an integral – almost indispensable role – in the sport of bodybuilding.

Mike internalizes these lessons and begins to discover his ‘true calling’ as a filmmaker.


– Behind the scenes interviews with Rodney Roller bring forth the impetus behind his vibrant personality and wild “antics” for which he is notorious.

– Footage of a special guest appearance by Kai Greene as he trains with Rodney Roller and Oscar at the iconic “5th Avenue Gym” where Kai Greene once LIVED as a teenager.

– Intimate footage of Hayley McNeff that reveals just how taxing the sport of bodybuilding can be; is bodybuilding compatible with leading a normal life?

What sacrifices must be made to compete at a national and professional level?

These questions are addressed by footage of Dave and Hayley amid a raw, personal discussion about the sport, and life.

Watch my six part mini documentary featuring Rodney Roller here…

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