Raising the Bar 4: CHAPTER 5 – Bodybuilding documentary with Kai Greene and Hayley McNeff

RTB 4 is a bodybuilding documentary featuring Kai Greene, Victor Martinez, Dave Pulcinella and Hayley McNeff. SEE LINKS AT THE BOTTOM FOR ADDITIONAL MATERIAL RELATED TO CHAPTER 5!

Chapter 5 Synopsis:

In episode 5 of RTB4 stories begin to converge.

Hector, the Santeria priest, responds with violence at an attempt at a discussion, and filmmaker Mike Pulcinella discovers even further the power of the camera as an instrument of defense.

Meanwhile, health issues begin to take a grave toll on Mike’s lifelong friend Joe Durney, from whom Mike had sought counsel during the rogue priest debacle, all while Mike continues to film a frustrated and increasingly withdrawn Kai Greene.

We also return to Hayley’s story: Mike intends to chronicle her first attempt at the Team Universe, but arriving at her hotel he is aghast to find that she is alone and mysteriously ill…with the Team Universe contest just moments away.

These and many other narratives weave together as we see the stresses of filmmaking and life intertwine, learning that sometimes in order to capture the story, you must become a part of it…

Also featured…

-Behind the scenes discussions on the making-of and unexpected success of RTB 1-3. Mike reveals his inspirations as a fledgling filmmaker in an industry dominated by ‘sets-and-reps’ videos.

-Kai Greene opens up about how he really feels about being in the spotlight he thought he always wanted.

-An intimate interview with Dave Pulcinella as he divulges how personal insecurities or doubts have arisen during in his own struggles as an athlete.

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