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Inside the mind of the man who was banned for life from the IFBB.

Lee Priest is a bodybuilder with an amazing story. He is now mostly known now for his blunt honesty that split bodybuilding fans in half – some finding his commentary a beacon of refreshing truth in bodybuilding while others find it controversial and aggressive. But before that he was a also a genetic phenom with so much promise in the sport of bodybuilding. A competitor that could have taken the IFBB by storm.

Instead, Lee Priest’s way of speaking openly got him into trouble and after many fines and temporary bans he was eventually banned for life from the IFBB – essentially shifting the course of his professional bodybuilding career forever.

Lee Priest Vs Bodybuilding is the most comprehensive dive into the full story of Lee Priest and explores the mind of the man who stirred up enough trouble to get banned forever from the biggest bodybuilding league in the world. The film comes out on all digital platforms this Friday, September 20. That’s tomorrow – so we are giving you one final sneak peek look at the film with our official launch trailer. Check it out above!

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