How to Get Abs Fast – Skinny Guy and Fat Guy Tips

You think getting rock hard chiselled abs is something far from your reach? Are you overweight or frighteningly skinny? I’m here to tell you one simple fact that will reveal to you how to get abs fast.

Part 1: How to get abs fast – for the overweight guy.

My one simple fact for the guy who is carrying few (or perhaps many) extra pounds you is that you need to lose fat – simple as that. It doesn’t matter how many crunches you do, if you have too much fat around your waist, you will not see those abs.

A bit of encouragement I can give you however is that your extra pounds are actually strengthening your abs. Yes, you did hear me right! Imagine strapping a 30 pound bag of sand around your stomach. Your abs are going to be working all the time just to carry this extra weight. This means they are going to be getting stronger all the time. Believe it or not, but the guys who carry some extra baggage around their waist are more likely to have much stronger abs beneath their ‘bloated’ exterior than a skinny guy.

There is only one answer to how to get abs fast for the husky gentlemen – lose fat! To start seeing those abs shine through, guys will usually have to get down to about 13% body fat. Anything below 10% and you won’t be able to keep the ladies off you because your abs are going to be ripped and chiselled and everything you ever wanted!

Part 2: How to get abs fast – for the skinny guy.

Now, to the skinny guys out there that already have very little body fat, but still struggle to please the ladies with bulging chiselled abs, I would like of offer you one piece of advice. My one simple fact for you is that you need to improve the strength of your abs. Studies have shown that muscle strength is proportional to size of the muscle.

This is a simple and easy program that will help you improve core strength and abdominal size. It is so simple yet an effective strategy and will answer your dying question of how to get abs fast!

1) 3 sets of 12 Crunches (on the ground or on an exercise ball). Hold at the top position for 2 seconds.

2) 3 sets of 20 Bicycle kicks. Lie down in the sit-up position, then take your feet off the ground and move them like you were riding a bicycle.

3) 3 sets of 12 Heel Touches. In the crunch position, swing left and right touching your heels.


*Crunches: try and pull your sternum through your belly button.

*Bicycle kicks: try and keep you lower back touching the ground. Suck you belly button in towards your spine

I recommend that you perform this session 3 times a week with at least one rest day in between sessions. If you are looking for quality and effectiveness, this program will not be beaten. This program is how you can get rock hard, chiselled abs fast.

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How to Get Abs Fast – Skinny Guy and Fat Guy Tips by David B Thompson

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