How To Build Bicep Muscle Fast – Bodybuilding Tips

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In this video I want to give you a few simple, but VERY powerful tips that will help you build strong, bulgy arms by increasing your biceps’ size.

I know that many find it difficult, or even impossible, to develop arm muscle mass. For everyone with this problem, I am now going to explain 3 common mistakes that you may be making, and which can be responsible for keeping you away from reaching the biceps you want.

Mistake #1: Training on a Bad diet.

If you don’t provide your body with the nutrients it needs to build muscle, all your efforts will be in vain. This is hard to accept, but an ineffective diet can be responsible for people going to the gym and looking the same, week after week.

(Several videos on my channel deal with proper eating, but here are 2 quick tips that will help you get those coveted bulging biceps twice as fast).

Add oats, whole eggs, nuts, whey protein, chicken breast, broccoli, potatoes, bananas, and honey to your diet.
Have 6 medium-size meals a day, instead of 2 large and 2 smaller meals like most people do.
Mistake #2: Lifting light weights.

You have to train your muscles at their maximum lifting capacity, but without neglecting the correct way of doing the exercise.

From one workout to the next, you have to either increase the weight, or make more reps than last time (try to do always less than 15 reps; increase the weight if you plan to do more). Believe me, the harder you work at the gym, the better the results.

Mistake #3: Overtraining your muscles.

If you’re training your arms 3 times a week or more, you’re not giving them enough time to recover and grow. This also makes progress scarce or non-existent.

Don’t train the same muscle more than 2 times in a week; do 1 or 2 exercises per muscle group. This can seem too little, but if you challenge your body with heavy weights, believe me, that’s all you’ll need to notice huge improvements soon.

One of the best exercises for biceps I recommend is the alternate dumbbell bicep curl.

Remember: You must train not only your biceps, but your entire body as well. Training all the muscles in your body (including your legs) will give you a stronger, better proportioned appearance.

You’ll find more valuable information at the link below this video .

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