How Often Should You Change Your Workouts for Best Results?

Muscle Confusion… Is changing exercises every workout good or not?

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When should you change your exercises?

As soon as they stop working for you…

When it comes to changing your workouts and exercises you’re going to hear all kinds of opinions. Some people take the “muscle confusion” way of thinking and recommend changing your exercises for every single workout.

Others may take the complete opposite approach and believe that you can stick to the same exercises forever.

And some people recommend that you change your exercises when you get bored with your current routine.

But the ideal time to change your exercises is when they stop working for you.

Whenever you start a new exercise or workout routine your body goes through a series of phases.

Adapt – Grow – Plateau.

First you have to learn how to do the exercise, and in the process of doing this your body will adapt to that exercise.

Then your body will grow in response to regularly doing that exercise over and over again.

But eventually your progress is going to slow down and you’re going to hit a plateau and struggle to make any further progress with that exercise.

Once you realize that you’re progress has hit a plateau you should change up your exercises or change your workout routine in some way in order to provide your body with some unique muscle stimulation. This will start the whole adapt, grow, and plateau phase all over again.

If you try and change your exercises too soon, than you’ll potentially limit the gains that you could have made if you went through the entire process of adapt, grow, and plateau.

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Source: How Often Should You Change Your Workouts for Best Results?

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