How Does Usp Labs Prime Work? The Best Muscle Building Supplement For Natural Bodybuilders

USP Labs Prime has achieved gold status on many supplement boards as a proven muscle building supplement. The mechanism of action is completely non hormonal. What makes Prime Work? Even USP Labs admits they aren’t sure to the exact mechanism to why it helps gain muscle mass. Skeptics like to point to the ingredient as being only tribulus but it is not the typical tribulus terrestris which allows the body to increase leutinizing hormone and which then increases natural testosterone production. USP Labs Prime is created with tribulus aquaticus, farmed and specially extracted by USP Labs.

How does USP Labs Prime work according to the company?

“We found no evidence for androgenic activity, we believe it to have anti-glucocorticoid effects, providing a possible mechanism for the increase muscle mass seen with USPLabs Prime. It may also be something related to improved nutrient absorption or utilization.”

It is a completely natural and safe plant which doesn’t mess with your hormones. It would be helpful to know how it does work though then more muscle building supplement advancements could be developed. I found it to take about three weeks before I really started noticing it working. My recovery was quicker in the gym and my numbers on the bench press started to skyrocket. Gain muscle mass faster or use it to lose fat and get ripped on a calorie deficit. I have read many USP Prime reviews and most of the serious athletes that use it while following a great workout program and diet experience the enhanced recovery and quicker gains. There are guys out there using it hoping that USP Labs Prime would help them gain muscle mass while still dogging it in the gym but that will never happen and when a supplement is finally released that allows that it will be the best selling supplement ever.

Anabolic Pump with USP Labs Prime

After running USP Labs Prime solo I ran it with Anabolic Pump and loved the results. Anabolic Pump is another natural muscle building supplement that works great if you have problems with insulin sensitivity and gaining fat while on a bulking program. In all I have been happy with their products for helping me and others gain muscle mass.

How Does Usp Labs Prime Work? The Best Muscle Building Supplement For Natural Bodybuilders by Rick Porter

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