FITNESS DOCUMENTARY: I Want Abs By Sergei Boutenko (full movie)

Is it hard to lose weight, tone the body, build muscle, and get in shape? I had no idea, so I decided to investigate this in a film. After looking at countless before and after photos on the web, I became curious to see if I too could achieve my dream fitness goals by following a no-gimmick exercise and diet protocol. At age 30, I noticed my metabolism slowing down, my weight increasing, and the temptation to get caught in life’s bad habits (eating out, drinking, and living a sedentary lifestyle) intensifying. Instead of yielding to these pressures, I hired a film crew and decided to use myself as a guinea pig in a fitness experiment. Over the months that followed I learned how to exercise in a safe, effective, functional fashion, rediscovered the joys of healthy home-cooked meals, and achieved some note-worthy results (lost weight, burned fat, gained muscle, and got a six-pack). With my new film titled: “I Want Abs,” I want to share my findings with the world and inspire others to follow in my footsteps. If you’re someone who wants to get in shape but don’t know how to do it, I Want Abs is for you!

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