Fiber – The Bodybuilder's Best Friend

Are you a bodybuilder who works non-stop in the gym (training), the kitchen (cooking & eating) and in the bedroom (sleeping – Get your mind out of the gutter), but can not seem to see the results you should be seeing from such efforts? One factor which is commonly overlooked but which may make a huge difference in your success patterns in fiber. Let's look at 4 reasons how you can benefit from fiber!


It's hard to maintain a steady gym schedule if you're always sick. A diet high in fiber is also high in anti-oxidants, vitamins & minerals, and all the other factors which keep the young trainer healthy. Remember, you throw a punch at your immune system every time you train. Fiber and the foods that it arrives from will help your central nervous system to recover faster


Fiber moves food through your body at a rapid rate, affecting the nutrient absorption of the food you are consuming. It also allows you to feel better – Does anyone really enjoy training with a brick of white bread in their stomach while lifting? Your midsection can remain empty and lean during your workouts, and you will sleep much better too without that kind of load to bear in your intestines!

Food Volume Potential

If you're a bodybuilder looking to build mass, add size and strength, and overall – get bigger – then fiber is your friend. The food you eat will move through your stomach and intestines faster when you eat them with fiber. This makes room for new food. If you're forcing your body to scarf down those meals every 3 hours, then fiber can be your best friend in getting the body ready for this!

Supplemental vs Real Foods

Fiber supplement are available for the bodybuilder which can allow you to reach your daily fiber benchmark goals without consuming too many fruits and vegetables. Additionally, the amount of protein the average bodybuilder consumes may also lead to a situation where constipation occurs. Fiber to the rescue! Do not become dependent upon fiber supplements for your normal digestive processes. Take a break from them from time to time to ensure your body is still able to function normally without their assistance.

Bodybuilding is important, but your health is much more important. Consume fiber from both natural and supplemental formats, and visit with a doctor from time to time. Good luck, and happy training & eating!

Fiber – The Bodybuilder's Best Friend by Dane C. Fletcher

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