Essential Workout Apparel

Wearing proper workout apparel is important in anyone’s exercise program, plus, if you are wearing some stylish stuff, it makes working out a bit more fun! Aside from that, the proper shoes can be important to the structure of your entire spine!

There is all sorts of information on the latest in exercise apparel. They are not creating clothing that actually pulls the sweat away from your body. These can be much more comfortable to work out in than regular clothing. For heavy cardio workouts, this is sometimes recommended by certain experts in the fitness industry.

Another school of thought, much of the time used by boxers, is to work out in clothing that makes you sweat even more. You can get a neoprene waist band that targets the waist area for increased fat loss in that section. They haven’t actually proved is this works, but, I do know that some martial artists and fighters use these techniques to this day. Another technique they use is to rub the skin down with vaseline in the spots they are wanting more fat loss. They also will wear pants that are basically made of plastic, which creates more sweat. So, combined with the vaseline and the plastic pants, it creates A LOT of sweat. I have tried this, and it’s definitely not the most comfortable way to workout. I also wouldn’t recommend it unless you are working with a qualified, certified fitness professional.

My most preferred workout apparel is of course the designer stuff! Who doesn’t want to look completely fabulous while exercising? There are some great designs in workout gear that is very comfortable to wear. I like anything that is a bit loose fitting. I am extremely active, and don’t want to be restricted in my movement from my clothing. This works well for any sort of kickboxing, boxing, or core workout routines.

Shoes can be one of the most essential part of your workout routines. When working out, many times, it starts with our feet. If our shoes are off, it can throw our entire body alignment off. It can start to cause problems in our hips, then in our lower back, and on up the body into our shoulders and even our neck. Improper footwear can also cause plantar fasciitis. This is extremely painful. So, better to go to a professional store and get the proper shoes for your workout routines!

Essential Workout Apparel by Amy Havelock

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