EPISODE PREVIEW: Scams & Supplements In Bodybuilding | GI Podcast #26

The country keeps changing when it comes to many things that were once deemed taboo. Like all things – we grow as time passes on and understand things in a new light. This is happening as we speak in regards to marijuana’s legality in the United States but we’re far from a true consensus on where it will ultimately land. Regardless, it’s an understatement to say that many Americans smoke weed… including bodybuilders. But how does this drug actually effect the bodybuilding lifestyle and training? Our trio of hosts get into the dirty truth behind what real world bodybuilders actually think about weed and bodybuilding. They also invite our special guest and CEO of Blackstone Labs and Dynamik Muscle (among other things), Aaron Singerman, to give his two cents on the drug culture and bodybuilding and what it means for the future of the sport. Listen to the brand new episode above.

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Source: EPISODE PREVIEW: Scams & Supplements In Bodybuilding | GI Podcast #26

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