Calum Von Moger Details His Bodybuilding Comeback Competition Prep

Calum Von Moger has yet to reach his peak in bodybuilding.

Long before the official introduction of the Classic Physique division to the NPC and IFBB, Calum Von Moger was seen as the prime example of what classic bodybuilding physiques should look like. He gained initial fame from a viral training video and was dubbed Arnold Schwarzenegger 2.0 – but his career has grown far past such initial comparisons. He’s now a juggernaut bodybuilding influencer with millions of fans across the globe.

And yet since the inception of the Classic Physique division we have rarely gotten a chance to see Calum compete on the stage. And he has yet to earn his pro card and face off against other powerhouse competitors such as Breon Ansley and Chris Bumstead. This was due to a series of injuries that derailed Calum’s training for nearly a full year. Many thought he would not be able to return to bodybuilding (you can watch our feature film documentary, Calum Von Moger: Unbroken, which explores this period of his life right here). Yet here we are now with Calum Von Moger staring head first at his next competition. His bodybuilding comeback has officially begun in full force.

That’s why in our new GI Exclusive interview we sat down with Calum Von Moger to discuss his upcoming bodybuilding competition at the Jay Cutler Classic, what his training prep will entail, and what the future holds for the rest of 2020. Finally, the recovery phase of Calum’s life is over and he is kicking off 2020 with one goal in mind – to earn a pro card and start competing in the IFBB.

Could this lead to an inevitable shake up against the top competitors in Classic Physique? Will we one day see Calum Von Moger’s name grace the Classic Physique Olympia title? Only time will tell – but after this interview one thing is for sure: Calum has not yet peaked in the bodybuilding world. The biggest moves are yet to come. 2020 looks to be the year of Calum Von Moger.

Check out our GI Exclusive interview with Calum above to get detailed insight into his training prep and plan to earn a pro card.

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