Build Muscle and Strength, How to Build Size and Power, Beginner Bodybuilder Workout

In this workout, Aaron Garza The Youtube Body Designer show you how to drastically increase
your lean muscle while losing fat. This video specifically gives you the know-how on building muscle
with what Aaron refers to as “The Base Program” A part of this program includes using base power movements
to increase lean muscle and power. The exercises for this Bodybuilding/BodyDesign Workout include:
Chest Press, Deadlifts, Squats, Shoulder Press, Bicep Curls and Tricep Extensions. The workout is designed
to be completed 3x per week with days off in between. Sets should be 4 per exercise and should start with 15 reps
then 12 reps then 10 reps and finally 6-8 reps. The weights should get progressively heavier as the sets continue.
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Source: Build Muscle and Strength, How to Build Size and Power, Beginner Bodybuilder Workout

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