Bowflex Revolution Review – Is it Good For Bodybuilding?

Having seen all those Bowflex infomercials, I wondered whether the Bowflex Revolution FT would help me get bigger and better. With 90 exercises and 400 variations, I was instantly attracted to the possibilities. Finally, I could work out at home, when I want, and get in the best shape of my life. Unfortunately, reality started to sink in when I saw the price. With a MSRP of $ 2,000 the Bowflex was not going to be cheap. The only way I could justify the purchase was if it truly gave me the results I wanted in the convenience of my home. After careful consideration, I decided to take the 6-week trial. Basically, I could return the Revolution in 6 weeks if I was not happy for a full refund.

This review is of my personal opinion and will hopefully enable you to make the right decision when selecting a home.

SpiraFlex Technology

The thing I like about traditional weights is the ability to completely tax your muscles to failure and spurt new growth. I've used some of the older Bowflex models with the power rods and felt they could not match the feel of real weights. Spiraflex is certainly a big leap forward. By using an elastic strap that wraps around a coil, consistent weight resistance is applied throughout the exercise motion. The feel is comparable to free weights and cable machines. The mechanics of the coil offer greater control and efficiency on par with best equipment.

My Bowflex Results

It took me a few days to get used to working out on the Revolution. The controlled cable movements forced me to keep my form in check. I consider this a good thing because the greater control allowed me to isolate individual muscle groups. This is perfect for weightlifters that want to etch more detail into problematic areas such as the lower back. In addition, having this level of control minimizes the risk of injury – something that older folks may be prone to. Switching between exercises was fast and easy due to the interlocking weight plates.

After two months of working out, I did notice a lot of improvement in my upper body. I added 5 lbs of muscle spread evenly across my shoulders and chest and a slight decrease in my waist size. Surprisingly, I packed on some size in my arms – a problem area of ​​mine. I attribute this to the refined movements of the Bowflex. My this looked fuller and my arms picked up extra girth. I also developed a nice split along my brachialis. I was not expecting an overnight miracle but the changes I did observe were comparable to the way I looked when I used to have a gym membership. Unfortunately, I am naturally strong and felt the maximum weight of 280lbs is something I could quickly surpass with continued training. Therefore, if you're a strongman or serious bodybuilder you may need to train at a gym, as you will soon surpass the FT. Another solution, if your an advanced athlete, is to use the Revolution at home when they can not make it to the gym due to a lack of time or a changing schedule. At the very least, you will maintain your overall fitness level. For the majority of people, the Revolution will challenge you for years to come as you build up your health and overall fitness level. If you're looking to sculpt and be reasonably strong, then the FT is a great solution.

Below are some of the key benefits I observed. ..

Offers 200 lbs of weight resistance which is plenty for beginners and intermediates (upgradeable to 280 lbs)

Each side works independently allowing two people to work out at once

Switching between exercises is fast and easy for more productive workouts

Small space requirements make it suitable for apartments or small homes

A good match for fitness enthusiasts who can not make it to a gym or prefer the convenience of working out at home

Performs 90 exercises and 400 variations


The Bowflex Revolution FT is a good match for fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders at a beginner or intermediate level of fitness – or who just want to work out at home. Although not cheap, the Revolution offers 90 high quality exercises without all the bulky and heavy weights of the gym.

Bowflex Revolution Review – Is it Good For Bodybuilding? by Mark Alexander P

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